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Here are some common questions that have come our way. We hope this helps answer any questions you might have. If not, give us a call - we'd love to hear from you!


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#1    Do you charge by the hour?

A: We quote each job individually, taking into consideration size and specifics of each property and how long  we expect it to take. Specific projects can be priced at an hourly rate if requested.

#2    Do you work by the job?

A: Yes, we quote each job individually, taking into consideration size and specifics of each property and how long  we expect it to take. Based on our experience we know about how long a job should take. Regardless if it takes longer than expected, you don't pay anymore for that, but if we get done sooner than we expected, you don't pay less.

#3    Do you only do house cleaning?

A: Nope. Our residential services include a variety of things like cleaning short-term rentals in between guests and cleaning after a construction project, but we also do commercial offices too.

#4    Do you do move-in or move-out cleans?

A: Yes we do and it can be for (or through) the homeowner or we work with real estate agents and banks.

#5    Do you do random cleanings or only weekly or biweekly?

A: Our regular cleanings are on either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  We do not offer every 3-week cleaning and if you request a random clean it may be quoted as a deep clean.

#6    Do you clean on holidays? If so, do you charge more?

A: We don't typically clean on holidays, but if a short-term rental property needs a cleaning between guests and it falls on a holiday, we still show up.

#7    What hours do you work?

A: Our normal cleaning hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30. We can schedule hours outside of that depending on client needs and cleaner availability.

#8    Do you work on weekends?

A: Our normal cleaning hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30. Weekends are optional depending on client needs and cleaner availability.

#9     How long have you been in business?

A:  Officially about a year, but collectively we have many years in the cleaning and hospitality industry.

#10  Is there any special training you've gone through to learn how to clean?

A: There is no required training to become a professional cleaner, but we are members of several nationally recognized cleaning organizations and participate in training and certification programs as often as possible.

#11  Have you ever been "fired" from a house, and why?

A: Not "fired" really. Sometimes people's financial situations change and we are no longer the right fit for them.

#12  Do you have references?

A: We do. The best place to find reviews or references is on our Facebook page.

#13  Do you do laundry?

A: We do laundry for our short-term rental properties, but other than that it would be considered an add-on service at an additional cost.

#14  Do you do dishes or empty dishwashers?

A: We put away dishes or run the dishwasher for our short-term rental properties, but other than that it would be considered an add-on service at an additional cost.

#15  Is it okay if my pets hang out in the same room you are cleaning?

A: We love animals, but it's best for your pet(s) and our cleaner(s) if your pets are in a secure location while we are there, such as a room you don't intend for us to clean or a kennel. 

#16  Is it okay if my kids are in the same room while you are cleaning?

A: In order for us to be most efficient and to keep your children safe, it would be best if kids were not in the same room we are cleaning in. That doesn't mean they have to leave the property, just not be in the room where we are cleaning.

#17  Are you bonded and insured? 

A: Absolutely! We wanted to make sure we are fully covered and so are you! If you'd like a copy of our certificate just let us know.

#18  Are you licensed to clean professionally?

A: There is no professional cleaner's license in Missouri, but we are a registered business with the Missouri Secretary of State.

#19  Do you clean windows?

A: We clean interior windows as part of some of our services, but not all. Make sure to discuss what type of clean you want so you know if that's included or you want it added on.

#20  Do you only clean houses or do you clean offices?

A: Both. Visit our Services page to know what all we clean. 

#21  Do you detail cars?

A: We don't currently, but I'm sure we could point you in the direction of someone who does.

#22  Do you defrost freezers or clean out the fridge?

A: We don't defrost freezers, but if you'd like us to clean out your fridge, that would be an add-on service. If your fridge is empty, that is included with some of our cleans. 

#23  What type of cleaning chemicals do you use on hardwood floors?

A: Unless it's a special surface, we typically just use water with a microfiber mop pad. It doesn't leave any sticky residue or harsh chemicals and is really all that's needed.

#24  Do you have your own vacuum?

A: Yes, all our cleaners show up with a company-owned vacuum. We use ours so we know our cleaners have quality working equipment to do a job that meets our satisfaction.   

#25  Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?

A:  Yes, we provide all the supplies and our cleaners only use what we provide. This ensures we know what we are using is safe and we know how and where to use it. 

#26  Do you do miscellaneous projects?

A: We are happy to discuss anything that might not be on our list of services. If it's something we can do, we'll figure an amount to complete the job.

#27    If I refer my friend, do I get a discount or free cleaning?


#28    Am I supposed to tip you for your service?

#29    Do you clean out the hot tub?

#30    What happens if you get sick?

#31    Do you charge a rescheduling fee if I have something come up and have to cancel?

#32    What do you need so you can get into my house?

#33    Do you have a safe place for my key or door code?

#34    Do I have to be there when you're cleaning?

#35    Are you the person that is come to clean or will it be someone else?

#36    Is it just one person or do you have a team?

#37    Are the people you bring with you bonded and insured?

#38    What is your screening policy for people you hire?

#39    Do you do background checks or drug screens on people you hire?

#40    What's the best way to contact you about my clean?

#41    What happens if you break something while you're at my property?

#42    Are you going to tell my neighbors about me, my property or how messy I am?

#43    Do you have set times when you will clean or is it random?

#44    Do you clean the same stuff on every clean or rotate tasks each time?

#45    Do you use dangerous products?

#46    How do you know what types of chemicals to use on different surfaces?

#47    Can I pay you cash?

#48    What if I don't want to give you my credit card information?

#50    Do you offer a guarantee on your work?


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